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Review | White Sand | Brandon Sanderson, Rik Hoskin and Julius M. Gopez

White Sand, authored by Brandon Sanderson and illustrated by Rik Hoskin and Julius M. Gopez, is the first graphic novel in Sanderson's epic Cosmere universe. Being an unpublished work of Sanderson's turned into a graphic novel, I REALLY wanted to like this; butit just didn't measure up to standard — the story didn't suit the medium.

What I like ✅ the protagonist, Kenton, is well-developed with believable motivations

✅ an interesting and unique magic system

What I didn't like ✖ the artwork's line style is unfocused, appearing blurry — which makes the action hard to follow and the emotions hard to read

✖ the layout of panels is unoriginal and unimaginative, not adding anything to the plot, mood or characters

✖ too much dialogue and narration — not enough visual storytelling for a graphic novel

✖ poor use of colour — a lot of the pictures appearing washed out, grainy and pixilated; poor contrast of colour; poor choice in colour used Rating 2/5🌟 Verdict

For the die-hard Sanderson fans



Discussion What's your favourite Brandon Sanderson novel?

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