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Review |Way of Shadows | Brent Weeks

🟣 Review: Way of Shadows by Brent Week 🟣

The story follows the teenage, Kylar as he navigates the assassins' world of politics and magic.

Genre: YA fantasy

✅ Action scenes are vivid, well paced, and give a clear view of what is going on

✅ Loose ends get nicely wrapped up

❌ The writing is just laughably bad, even for a YA novel

❌ Casual child rape and child mutilation, but not to our protagonist because he is wearing his Plot Armour 

❌ Terrible character names

❌ Obligatory fantasy apostrophe for names (ka'kari, Sa'Kag)

❌ Women read like they're written by a 16-year-old boy

❌ assassin is called a "wetboy"...haha..okayyy

❌ ENOUGH about describing architecture already...

❌ Madonna / whore dichotomy for all female characters 

❌ Elena is as bland as bread; even with a cut up face she is still the most beautiful woman in the room

Rating: 1.5/5⭐

Verdict: low-budget Mistborn

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