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Review | True Allegiance | Ben Shapiro

The USA is in turmoil — terrorist threats, racial tensions rising, borders threatened — and President Prescot has no interest in fixing the divided country. Ben Shapiro explores this bleak possible future of the USA in True Allegiance.

What I liked

✅ 'MURICA — there were some interesting ideas which explored a bleak, but possible, future USA

What I didn't like

✖ why do I keep doing this to myself? Why keep reading? Do I enjoy pain? Absolutely everything about this book is just awful — seriously, where do I begin?

✖ every character is bland, flat, unfeeling 2D cutouts without a real personality or well-developed motivations

✖ dialogue is stilted, unbelievable and hamfisted; filled with boring, page-long political speeches, cliches and author-surrogate talk

✖ garbled, messy plot which jumps around from perspective to perspective without much forethought or structural planning

✖ the writing style was just terrible — oddly sexual descriptions and metaphors, cliches emerging which I thought died in the 90s, one-word sentences and one-word paragraphs, page upon page of backstory — must I continue?

✖ absolutely no subtlety or delicacy when it comes to the book's themes — the author's voice is loud, amateurish and inept

✖ the writing is just bad — really bad


1/5 🌟

Genre: action, thriller, spy

Verdict: NO. JUST NO. STOP.

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