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Review | Thrawn | Timothy Zahn

Genre: sci-fi

Fan-favourite character Thrawn returns to the Star Wars universe in a new novel by Timothy Zahn — the mastermind behind the Star Wars extended universe. It would be impossible to mess this up, right? Right????

What I like ✅ well, I guess I got to see Vader for about 2 seconds...

What I didn't like ✖ every character was lacklustre, with scarce character development; it also managed to make Thrawn, one of the coolest, most interesting characters in the Star Wars universe into a bland cardboard cutout ✖ presents a generic sci-fi universe; it doesn't utilize all the elements of the Star Wars universe which make it unique and exciting — no Force, no lightsabers or Jedi ✖ no tension or conflict — it's obvious that Thrawn will triumph ✖ the story is told to the reader rather than shown, minimal descriptions or locations and people; it's like it assumed I've watched the movies and know what all the locations look like ✖ weird stylisation; put a character's observations of people's reactions to situations in italics ✖ the majority of Governor Pryce's story reads like filler backstory, disconnected from Thawn's story ✖ no moral or message in the book Rating 1.5/5 🌟 Verdict



Who is your favourite Star Wars character? I love Anakin, especially the portrayal in the Clone Wars TV series.

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