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Review | The Stranger | Albert Camus


Contemporary classic

The Stranger by Albert Camus is an existentialist novel which touches on the ideas of the meaning of life, irrationality and justice.

What I like ✅ a light, quick read which introduces the reader to basic philosophical ideas and questions

✅ the self-alienation and emotional apathy of the protagonist, Meursault, is wonderfully portrayed

What I didn't like ✖ descriptions and use of the English language can be simplistic

✖ part one of the novel drags and seems unfocused

Things to consider ➖ some may find difficulty engaging a philosophical position which they agree with, personally, reading something I disagree with strengthens my own convictions

➖ you won't finish reading the book feeling happy and positive about life Rating 4/5🌟 Verdict


For discussion Which classic book is one of your must-reads?

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