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Review: The Reality Dysfunction | Peter F Hamilton

The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F Hamilton


sci-fi, space opera, adult


The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F Hamilton is a 1,200 page sci-fi space opera leviathan.

What I like ✅ epic scope

✅ imaginative alien species

✅ interesting technology and planets

✅ space zombies; they're called "possessed" but act halfway between zombies and demons

What I don't like ✖ archetype characters ( the rebellious teenager, the charming bad-boy captain, the charismatic sociopathic villain, the Mary-sue heroine, the innocent heiress and her controlling, hypocritical father)

✖ too many character perspectives

✖ plotline threads which are picked up, then get forgotten

✖ the sex scenes were copious, gratuitous, and laughably unrealistic (Captain Joshua is able to pleasure every single woman he beds, including giving an innocent, sheltered virginal heiress mind-blowing, orgasmic sex after her third sexual encounter)

✖ the word count was excessive

✖ religious characters are portrayed are ignorant, hypocritical or stupid

✖ the sentient spaceship/captain bond is ripped right from the dragon/rider bond in Anne Mccaffrey’s Pern series

Rating 2.5/5🌟 Verdict

Well I guess if you're into space operas...

Discussion What's the longest fiction book you've ever read?

At 357,000 words, this was one of the longest books I've read.

Here are few other leviathans I've tackled:

- Les Misérables (655,000)

- A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance with Dragons (426,000)

- A Song of Ice and Fire: A Storm of Swords (414,000)

- The Count of Monte Cristo (389,000)

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