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Review | The Painted Man | Peter V Brett



The Painted Man by Peter V Brett is a thrilling, if not disturbing, fantasy read.

What I like ✅ original and interesting magic system

✅ imaginative world with great world-building, the concept of a land which is besieged by demons, where people can't go out at night and fear their wards breaking is scary and addictive

✅ addictive to read; the pages practically turn themselves

✅ great, well-written action scenes

What I didn't like ✖ Female characters are poorly written, and defined by their sexuality

✖ Leesha Papers takes out a dishonourable mention, being so, so badly written

✖ gratuitously violent rape scenes and themes . Rating 3/5 🌟


Recommended, but reader discretion advised

Discussion What did you like about this book?

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