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Review | The Girl Who Dared to Think | Bella Forrest

Genre: sci-fi, young-adult

If I were to sum up The Girl Who Dared to Think — a dystopian sci-fi novel by Bella Forrest — I'd say it was oversimplified and lacklustre.

What I like ✅ an interesting initial premise

What I didn't like ✖ nothing to really make this stand out from the thousands of dystopian novels out there

✖ lacklustre writing riddled with cliches such as "my blood boiled", "heart skipped a beat"

✖ The characters are poorly-written and forgettable, Liana is 20 in the books but acts and talks like she's 15 and makes enormous logical leaps; the characters don't talk like real people

✖ for a girl who dares to think, Liana doesn't do much thinking; she constantly makes dumb decisions

✖ both romances were forced with horrible, cringe-inducing romance banter; Liana falls in love with Grey after meeting him twice

✖ the core themes of the book are oversimplified — pharmaceuticals are bad, regulating your emotional reaction to a situation is bad

✖ the bad type of cliffhanger ending Rating 1/5 🌟 Verdict

Give it a miss

Discussion What's your favourite dystopian series?

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