Review | The Dragon Keeper | Robin Hobb

The Dragon Keepers have to herd the dragons to find their lost legendary city, Kelsingra. Yep. That's it 😥

What I liked:

✅ interesting characters, particularly the complex, interesting, relatable female characters

✅ featuring Hobb's great prose

✅ more world-building, yay!

✅ cameos from familiar faces


What I didn't like:

✖ takes almost 600 pages to say what it could have in 300

✖ no climax; no tension; no action

✖ the most exciting thing were the hunters fighting over elk meat. yup, that's right. elk meat.

✖ it takes half of the book to actually get started on their journey

✖ slow character building and detailed scenes become tedious and trivial

Rating 3/5 🌟

Genre: Fantasy

Verdict: for the solid Hobb fans