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Review | The Desert Spear | Peter V. Brett



The Desert Spear is the Sequel to Peter V. Brett's debut novel, The Painted Man. What was a promising series becomes a cringy, rambling mess.

What I like ✅ interesting and addictive-to-read magic system

✅ poses great over-arching questions which compel the reader to keep reading

What I didn't like ✖ the female characters are one-dimensional, literally good at everything they do, beautiful, amazing seductresses, and have no real flaws or faults

✖ everything about Leesha Papers... just... no

✖ the scale of skills in unbalanced — what takes some people years to learn (warding, fighting) can be learnt in a few months if that character is a woman

✖ the first third of the book gives Jadir's backstory, which takes the focus away from the present plot

✖ graphic violence, including sexual violence, which some readers may find disturbing Rating 2.5/5🌟


An average sequel to a good debut book Discussion

This was a disappointing sequel to what could have been a great series. What has been a disappointing sequel you've read?

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