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Review | The Cruel Prince | Holly Black


Fantasy, Young Adult

The Cruel Prince, by Holly Black, tells the story of Jude Duarte — a human, forced to live in the Fae realm after her parents are murdered.

What I like ✅ An excellent, page-turning final act

✅ A twist on many normal YA fantasy tropes — the protagonist is an anti-hero, the Prince isn't dashing and strong

✅ sophisticated YA political intrigue and interesting worldbuilding

What I didn't like ✖ A mediocre first act

✖ Jude's character needed more development to fully explain her character's final transition

✖ The relationships between the characters are surface-level and don't feel real

✖ I don't like the "fall in love with your bully because they're really only bullying you because they're in love with you" trope Rating 3/5 🌟 Verdict



Which do you prefer, the Fae in ACOTR or The Cruel Prince?

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