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Review| Sword of Destiny | Andrzej Sapkowski

The Sword of Destiny see Geralt the Witcher battles monsters, demons and prejudices, while trying to come to terms with his destiny and mutations.

Rating of each short story:

The Bounds of Reason 3.5/5⭐

A solid addition to The Witcher universe, but missing the "wow factor" of other stories. The twist was very obvious.

A Shard of Ice 2.5/5⭐

The whole story seemed petty and inconsequential; Geralt felt out of character--acting like a stupid, love-sick puppy.

Eternal Flame 2/5⭐

Interesting world-building, but it also felt petty and inconsequential for Geralt's journey.

A Little Sacrifice 2.5/5⭐

A retelling of the Little Mermaid. Both romances (the Duke/Mermaid, Geralt/Essi) seemed forced. Battling the underwater creatures distracted from the main point/characters of the tale and came off as an unexplained phenomenon.

The Sword of Destiny 5/5⭐

Everything which is good about The Witcher: destiny, magic, great characters, hints of untold backstory, exciting creatures, all tying into larger world politics Geralt is thrust into.

Something More 5/5⭐

A great final story which has the reader begging to know what happens next.

What I liked

✅ Some of the short stories were amazing and when it is good, it is GOOD

✅ Great character-building of familiar faces, such as Yennefer


What I didn't like ✖ Some short stories were just wasted potential; while these stories provided interesting character moments, no larger-world events were developing in the background ✖ The short stories seemed cobbled together, disjointed, without a common purpose or theme

✖ Really needed a"frame story" as there was in the first short story collection Rating 2.5/5⭐ Genre: Fantasy Verdict: Wasted potential

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