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Review | Skyward | Brandon Sanderson

Spensa longs to be a pilot to defend the remnants of the human race which are trapped on a planet that is constantly attacked by mysterious alien starfighters.

What I liked

✅ Fun to read and fast-paced

✅ Enjoyable, gripping action sequences

✅ Witty dialogue and character banter

What I didn't like

✖ Sanderson has admitted in the past that he struggles to write female characters and Spensa falls into the normal pitfalls of a male writing a female character — you could change the pronouns and nothing about her character would change

✖ Spensa is the typical overachieving, strong, likeable, smart female young adult protagonist

✖ Weak supporting cast of characters

✖ Lack of tension — it always feels like Spensa is going to succeed matter what

✖ The world and characters do not really come alive — a lot of telling rather than showing, surface-level information rather than depth

To consider

- It is a sci-fi book for people who don't like sci-fi — more fiction than science


2.5/5 🌟

Genre: sci-fi

Verdict: Entertaining, but excessively young adult

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