Review | Magician | Raymond E. Feist

At Crydee, a frontier outpost in the tranquil Kingdom of the Isles, an orphan boy, Pug, is apprenticed to a master magician—and the destinies of two worlds are changed forever

What I liked

✅ impressive scope and span

✅ enjoyment factor is high; a page-turner

✅ a great ending without annoying cliffhangers

✅ while not a remarkable style of writing, it is solid and serves the book well

✅ interesting world politics

✅ a lot of intricate world-building which hints at a larger universe

✅ charming characters while they were young but...

What I didn't like

✖ ...characters didn't hold up into adulthood, not developing beyond the one or two traits established in the beginning

✖ every female in the book was kind, nice and well-behaved and happy to play along with the schemes and antics of the male characters in the book—they seemed more like pretty set pieces than real people

✖ crowded—too many character POVs, and one-page sections

✖ at times, the POV switches mid-chapter, confusing the reader

✖ fairly stock-standard fantasy plot, world and creatures

To consider

It was written in the 80s without the wealth of fantasy literature we have to draw on now. Also, the magic system was underdeveloped and under-explained, but that was common in the 80s.

Rating 3.5/5 🌟

Genre: fantasy

Verdict: Recommended