Review | Last Argument of Kings | Joe Abercrombie

Updated: Jun 29, 2018

Last Argument of Kings by Joe Abercrombie finishes off The First Law trilogy as warring kingdoms try to save humanity from the shared threat of the eaters.

What I liked ✅ THE CHARACTERS — total bastards that grow on you, surprise you, and betray you

✅ on a micro and macro level, the writing is perfect; action scenes are perfectly written, the plot is well-paced

✅ the ending is nothing like what I wanted but everything which the characters deserved; a bitter happy ending

✅ Abercrombie subverts the reader's (and genre) expectations at every turn

✅ filled with mayhem, madness, magic, death

What I didn't like ✖ if you hate ambiguous characters lacking sympathy, morally-grey situations, plot-driven story and realistic endings, you won't like this book

Rating 5/5🌟


Genre: fantasy QOTD: What's your favourite book of all-time?

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