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Review | Kings of the Wyld | Nicholas Eames

The mercenary band, Saga, got old...and fat. They reunite for one, final adventure that could change the course of the world.

What I liked ✅ humorous, witty, and ACTUALLY funny . ✅ lovable, interesting characters . ✅ a fresh take on the fantasy trope . ✅ fantastic action sequences . ✅ solid writing and great dialogue

What I didn't like ✖ the climax of the book was short lived, the solution wasn't built up enough to have sufficient payoff . ✖ a lack of world-building made the fantasy world seem generic . ✖ pop-culture references took me OUT of the book's world . ✖ the book could have said more with a moral or a message at the just felt a bit empty . Rating 4/5 🌟 . Genre: Fantasy . Verdict: A fun ride

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