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Review | Iron Master | Patrick Tilley

Steve Brickman, former Skyhawk pilot turned AMEXICO secret agent, sneaks into Ne-Issan to rescue lost friends, while trying to keep important Federation technology from the hands of his enemies.

What I liked

✅ plenty of magic, gore and action in the final half

✅ great character moments, especially as Brickman tries to gain the alcoholic Cadillac's trust

✅ plenty of political intrigue

What I didn't like

✖ paper-cut out, stereotypical portrayals of Japanese people and culture

✖ slow-paced first half

✖ while there was plenty of worldbuiling, it was copied from Japanese culture and often conveyed in lengthy chunks

To consider

➖ this is a product of when it was written; western attitudes and understanding of Japanese culture of the 80s are part of this book


3/5 🌟

Genre: Sci-fi

Verdict: Recommended

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