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Review | Hyperion | Dan Simmons

On the world called Hyperion waits the creature called the Shrike — this time-travelling, insanely powerful being has a key role in the future of the universe. Eight pilgrims visit the Shrike as intergalactic war threatens the universe.

What I like

✅ delicious, delicious prose with amazing, vivid descriptions

✅ a sci-fi book which actually has good science in it

✅ varied, interesting characters with varied motivations and backgrounds

✅ thought-provoking, addressing complex themes such as religion, life, death, humanity, the soul, good and evil

✅ complex ideas presented in digestible, understandable portions; complex writing expertly weaving backstories, themes and ideas together

✅ worldbuilding is expertly interwoven into the story

What I didn't like

✖ lacks a satisfactory ending; slightly anti-climactic

✖ you won't walk away from the book feeling good about yourself or happy with life and humanity

Things to consider

➖ some people may not like how the book is formatted into essentially seven characters recounting their backstories to each other while they travel to visit the Shrike

Rating 5/5🌟

Genre: sci-fi space opera


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