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Review | Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire | J.K Rowling

Genre: fantasy, young-adult

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire catapults the Harry Potter series from a children's book to the young adult realm, as Harry deals with death and confronts evil.

What I like ✅ goodbye, sweet, innocent magic school; goodbye fun and harmless rivalry — this book marks the start of the darker, mature stage of the series

✅ great worldbuilding — we learn more about the depth and breadth of magic and the wizarding world with the Triwizard Tournament, Yule Ball, Quidditch World Cup and more

✅ the last five chapters are suspense-filled, nail-biting examples of fantastic writing

✅ Hermione's character grows; she gets a makeover and meets Viktor


What I didn't like ✖ lacking brevity (GOF is 90,000 words longer than POA) ✖ overuse of certain words such as "quietly" and "said" ✖ is it just me who thinks that Harry and Ron are uninteresting characters? I wish Hermione, Luna or Neville were the protagonists. Ron is a drama queen and Harry is moody and not as talented as Hermione. Rating 4.5/5 🌟 Verdict


What is your favourite Harry Potter book and why?

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