Review | God Emperor of Dune | Frank Herbert

Updated: Jan 26

🟨 REVIEW: God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert 🟨

✅ World building is always a win in the Dune universe

✖ If I have to hear the phrase "golden path", "the worm" one more time...

✖ Female character has an orgasm at the sight of the hot male character climbing a cliff. I don't think that is how orgasms work.

✖ Hwi falls in love with Leto II just because the plot needs it to happen. She also has sex with Duncan because the plot needs it to happen and then the plot forgets that it happens. Then Hwi dies like disposable trash.

✖ Talking and complaining and more talking

✖ Turned the the most badass character of the series, Duncan, into a whiney, petulant, weak, man child.

✖ Seriously, what even happened in this book? NOTHING.

✖ Honestly, this book just tells an uncompelling story. Leto II is not writen to be an interesting character. The story has no tension with a protagonist who knows all futures and pasts

Rating: 1.5/5 🌟

Verdict: my golden path is telling me to never read this book again