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Review | Glass Sword | Victoria Aveyard

Genre: sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, young adult

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard continues the story of Mare, a Red with special powers trying to overthrow the monarchy, hunted by the evil silver king (and ex-fiance) Maven.

What I like ✅ We got to meet Cameron, see more of Shade and Cal had some interesting character development

What I didn't like ✖ this book was not well-written; terrible pacing, idle plot, riddled with cliches and repetitious phrases (little lightning girl, the shadow of the flame, the exiled prince, anyone can betray anyone…) ✖ bland characters who don't talk or act like real people ✖ lacks originality — I felt like I was reading X-Men the whole time; people with special powers flying around on a private jet recruiting others with special powers ✖ pages and pages of Mare's self-centred, self-pitying, repetitious inner-monologue — I don't mind unlikeable characters, but Mare is just infuriating ✖ pages which I skim read because they were just boring ✖ reads like a badly written journal "and then we did this, and then we did that, and then we went here". ✖ the much anticipated romances just flop ✖ action scenes are chaotic and don't provide a clear picture of what is going on Rating 1/5 🌟 Verdict

A disappointing sequel QOTD: hard cover or soft cover books?

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