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Review | Forever War | Joe Haldeman

Soldiers fight an interstellar war between Man and the Taurans, in clear metaphor for the Vietnam War.

What I liked

✅ subverts genre clichés (such as the heroic soldier singlehandedly winning a battle)

✅ shows the grim realities of war and the struggles of returning soldiers

✅ useful social commentary

✅ simple and short with surprising depth

✅ intriguing science fiction technology and concepts

✅ an extended allegory for Haldeman’s own Vietnam War and post-war experiences

What I didn't like

✖ rushed ending

✖ light-on character development

✖ you don't really learn much about the main character—he's a vessel by which the reader can experience the world through rather than with

✖ too much focus on sex and sexuality

Rating 4/5 🌟

Genre: sci-fi


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