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Review | Fool's Fate | Robin Hobb

🔵REVIEW: Fool's Fate by Robin Hobb🔵 Genre: fantasy

Summary: Fitz and friends go on a quest to Aslevjal in order slay the dragon and save the princess. ✅ Each character and their own alliances, hidden agendas and motivations ✅ When everything finally comes together, WOW ✅ Hobb FINALLY writes a compelling, epic, big action scene-finalle ✅ The characters were at their best, compelling, real, and complexly woven together ✅ The Fool was at his best here, in the whole series, I can't stress how well the book hinges of the complex relationship between Fitz and the Fool ✅ Fantastic send-offs for much-loved characters ✖ Pacing: the story doesn't get going until the crew reach Aslevjal ✖ Repetitive plot points: seasickness, sailing and dreams ✖ Deus ex machina magic; deus ex machina appearance of Burrich ✖ The ending is too perfectly tied together 4.5/5🌟 Verdict: near-perfection

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