Review | Fool's Quest | Robin Hobb

🐺 REVIEW: Fool's Quest by Robin Hobb 🐺

Fitz is on a mission to reclaim his daughter, and he has nothing left to lose. 

✅ I couldn't put the last half of the book down

✅ Finally, Fitz meets with the Liveship traders

✅ Bee's chapters were addictive

✅ The tension in the book, my goodness!

✅ An emotional roller coaster

✅ Every word written is wonderful: Hobb can make feasting and dressing interesting

✅ The growing character relationships, especially Fitz and the Fool

✖ The first portion of the book is painful as we're in a holding pattern until Fitz hears the bad news

Rating: 5/5 🌟

Verdict: One of the best of Hobb