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Review | Fool's Errand | Robin Hobb

Fifteen years have passed since the Red Ship War, now, Fitz thought he could escape the world, but his past finds him; The Witted are being persecuted and the Farseers need him again. What I liked ✅ This book broke me, I am not okay and if you mention Nighteyes to me... ✅ The Fool, I just love everything about this character ✅ Slow-burning, but gut punches you with feels ✅ This books is about relationships; Nighteyes and Fitz, The Fool and Fitz ✅ Treats well-established characters with dignity and takes them on meaningful and continued character arcs ✅ Painfully and wonderfully realistic character development ✅ More world-building What I didn't like ✖ The ending made it feel more like a stand-alone book rather than first in a trilogy Rating 5/5 🌟 Genre: Fantasy Verdict: Stunning and heartfelt

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