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Review | Endymion | Dan Simmons

Two hundred and seventy-four years after the events of Fall of Hyperion, Raul Endymion is sent on a quest. He must retrieve Aenea from the Sphinx before the Church troops reach her and help her reach her mysterious destiny.

What I liked

✅ great world-building with new planets, technology and religions

✅ sympathetic and believable characters

✅ nail-biting actions scenes and fight sequences

✅ dual POVs create tension

What I didn't like

✖ lacking the certain magical qualities of the first two books; it is not as brain-meltingly awesome; Endymion is more like the cousin to the first two books, rather than the successor

✖ the plot seems to meander around at the start

✖ periods of tedium as the characters travel through space, pack and unpack

To consider

➖ it's hard not to rate this book compared to the other books, yes, this book was disappointing compared to the first two, but in the context of other sci-fi books, it is still amazing.


4.5/5 🌟

Genre: sci-fi, space opera

Verdict: Recommended

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