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Review | Dragonflight | Anne Mccaffrey



Tattered and battered this copy of Dragonflight by Anne Mccaffrey has flown to France, Africa and back to Australia. The first book in the Pern series, Dragonflight is a classic for all sci-fi and fantasy lovers alike.

Things I liked ✅ the world of Pern is interesting and original

✅ complex and believable characters with a headstrong female protagonist

✅ great romance subplot

✅ well-written, using a masterful command of the English language


Things I didn't like ✖ takes a little while to get started

✖ multiple character perspectives can get confusing

✖ can be confusing to know what is going on as a first time reader

Things to consider ➖ would liked to have seen Lessa and F'lar's romanced fleshed out more, but that's just my opinion as a fangirl! Rating 4.5/5🌟 Verdict


Discussion Dragons make me instantly like any book. What's your one thing that makes you instantly love a book?

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