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Review | Dragon Haven | Robin Hobb

The Tarman expedition continues up the Rain Wild River in search of Kelsingra (seriously, that's the plot, folks).

What I liked ✅ At the heart, this series is about character relationships, and Hobb delivers some great character moments ✅ Dragons are like cats! ✅ Beautiful descriptions ✅ Great themes and ideas ✅ Genuinely entertaining and immersive What I didn't like ✖ Almost all the conflict in the book is cause by characters being oblivious about sex and sexuality ✖ Dragon Haven? The only Haven I see is one for bickering, horny teens ✖ 750 pages of people traveling on a boat and every. single. excruciating detail of ship life ✖ These flashbacks are getting ridiculous: Sedric is about to be killed and all he can think of is his former lover "dominating" him in bed ✖ "Everyone finds someone to pair off with" cliche ✖ Hobb's usual "slow-burn" pace turns glacial ✖ The whole books is about romantic conflict ✖ Because this book was supposed to be one big book with the last, the pacing is way off Rating 2.5/5 🌟 Genre: Fantasy Verdict: Disappointing for a Hobb novel...

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