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Review | Dark Matter | Blake Crouch



Dark Matter by Blake Crouch is a sci-fi, thriller and mystery just begging (and not in a good way) to be turned into a screenplay — and while it was an exciting read, my feelings afterwards can be summed up as "eh".

What I like ✅ a suspenseful thriller which compels the reader onwards with intriguing mysteries

✅ page-turning, fast-paced action

What I didn't like ✖ the characters are unmemorable with the protagonist, Jason, being the only two-dimensional character

✖ too. many. periods. and one. or two. word paragraphs.

✖ the book's emotional core is weak

✖ the science on which the multi-dimension technology is based is laughable

✖ the multi-universes used are unimaginative and, at this point, over-used in fiction Rating 2/5🌟


Nothing which excites me

Discussion If you were in an alternate universe, what job would you be doing? I'd be a dragon tamer for sure.

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