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Review | City of Dragons | Robin Hobb

The Dragons and Elderlings explore Kelsingra and their new powers, while allies arrive and enemies creep closer. What I liked ✅ Dragons are jerks ✅ Reyn, Malta, and Selden return, and with them, the tension and conflict which was sorely lacking in the previous books—creates a sense of urgency ✅ Great world-building as we explore Kelsingra ✅ Conflict had me desperate to know what happens ✅ Return of Hobb's lush prose, far-reaching setting, varied characters What I didn't like ✖ Pacing felt off; rushing in places with an abrupt ending ✖ Tats and Thymara's conversation about their feelings were just cringe-worthy and felt unrealistic ✖ Totally different feel to the previous to books in the series ✖ Felt more like an in-between novel, rather than the next installment Rating 3.5/5 🌟 Genre: Fantasy Verdict: Satisfying

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