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Review | Children of Time | Adrian Tchaikovsky

The last remnants of the human race left a dying Earth, desperate to find a new home. They discover a world terraformed by ancient humans, but it is not empty.

What I liked ✅ interesting characters whose development doesn't take a back seat to the sci-fi setting

✅ grand ideas, big questions, great discussion of themes ✅ well-paced (considering how much ground it covers), especially in the final act .

✅ sparse, no-frills writing style suits the style ✅ attention to biology, technology and psychology What I didn't like ✖ the two perspectives seem disjointed; the spider's perspective out-pace the dragging human perspective ✖ the book's message doesn't ring true: humanity will always act selfishly without a does of super-science ✖ the book title doesn't suit Rating 4/5

. Genre: Sci-fi . Verdict: Sci-fi as it should be

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