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Review | Broken Angels | Richard Morgan


Sci-fi, adult, action

The sequel to Altered Carbon (now a major Netflix series), Broken Angels is the second book by Richard Morgan, taking place 30 years after the events of Altered Carbon.

What I like ✅ a plot filled with deadly sci-fi technology, mysterious remnants of a lost alien race, double-crossing, violence and mystery

What I didn't like ✖ loosely connected to Altered Carbon — it ditches the detective noir mystery vibe for a grim, sci-fi action novel

✖ poor character development of the protagonist, Takeshi Kovacs, and uninspiring support characters

✖ be prepared to read the most weirdly uncomfortable sex scene

✖ really. annoying. use. of. periods; hasn't Richard Morgan heard of a semi-colon or an em dash?

✖ poor pacing and editing; big chunks of exposition

✖ instead of building on the interesting themes in Altered Carbon, Broken Angles complains about greedy corporations, militarism and war Rating 1.5/5🌟 Verdict


Discussion I love a good detective noir series. What's your guilty pleasure genre?

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