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Review | Blood of Dragons | Robin Hobb

REVIEW...Dragons want to mate, dragons get mad; teenagers want to mate, teenagers bicker and feud. That's about it.

What I liked:

✅ A few nice character moments

✅ Enjoyed to see the dragons develop

✅ Dragon city, Kelsingra, is beautifully described

What I didn't like:

✖ 11 POVs is WAY too many

✖ rushed climax; all the action happens off-screen

✖ Hobb abandons her trademark "grey" villains and heroes for paper-cutouts

✖ I just don't care about Hest as a villain; the Chalcedean (especially the Duke) were uninteresting and un-menacing

✖ originally planned as two books (which would have worked), it was stretched out into 4

✖ Zero cares about Tellator/Amarinda plotline

✖ Thymarra, Rapskal, and Tats love triangle just uncompelling

✖ Selden's plotline was rushed and thrown in: should have been the centerpiece of the book

✖ Every human character fell flat

Rating 1.5/5 Genre: Fantasy Verdict: I'm just happy it's over...

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