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Updated: Jan 26

🐺REVIEW. Assassin's Fate by Robin Hobb

It is hard to put into dot points the culmination of 16 books spanning over 20 years. For me, this was a heartfelt, bittersweet, and a satisfying conclusion.

The convergence of all plot lines and characters built in the previous 15 books is rewarding and well done. Even slogging through some of the worst Hobb books (*cough* Rain Wild Chronicles*) is worth it just for the extra depth it adds to this final book. The characters become real in your head, and each interaction, especially those involving The Fool, Fitz, and Bee is beautifully written. The final action sequence is nail-biting, tense, and scary. The ending is perfect, but also doesn't tie things off too neatly so that it is unrealistic or doesn't leave room for more books. 

Rating: 5/5🌟

Verdict: I'm not crying, you are

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