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Review | Altered Carbon | Richard K. Morgan


Sci-fi, adult, detective noir, cyberpunk

Debut novel Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan — now a major Netflix series — is another case of the book being say better than the series.

What I like ✅ interesting philosophical questions around identity, humanity and the afterlife

✅ fast-paced, solid, cyberpunk detective noir novel

✅ cool sci-fi technology (people's memories and personality are loaded into "stacks" and can be places into any human body "sleeves", essentially granting an immortal life for those who can afford countless sleeves)

What I didn't like ✖ descriptions of sex were repetitive and gratuitous, attempting to titillate rather than build character and drive the plot

✖ the brutality and torture is excessive

✖ characters were a little cliched and the supporting cast lacks lustre

✖ the ending is rushed Rating 3/5🌟 Verdict

RECOMMENDED ✅ Discussion

While not philosophical in nature, Altered Carbon surprised me with how it delved into a fundamental human question: what does it mean to be human? Which fiction books have you read that surprised you with their philosophical depth?

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