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Revew | Speaker for the Dead | Orson Scott Card

3,000 years after the terrible war in Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, Ender Wiggin seeks redemption for his role in the Xenocide of the alien Buggers. He travels to the planet of Lusitania inhabited by the alien species called "Piggies".

What I liked

✅ this book destroyed me emotionally; I have no words which I wish to use which can describe it

✅ "hard" sci-fi; space, technology and aliens and central to the plot and attention is paid to the details

✅ fully-realised, well-developed characters who drive the plot and make realistic decisions which break your heart

✅ philosophical and thoughtful, filled with great morals and a great message of redemption

✅ well-paced plot with plenty of mystery

✖ your expectations will ruin this novel — don't go in thinking this will be anything like Ender's Game, a children's or young adult novel, or a fast-paced sci-fi shoot-up


5/5 🌟

Genre: sci-fi


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