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How I rate and review books

What the stars mean

5 stars: Perfection, a must-read

4.5 stars: An excellent book with only minor flaws, a must-read

4 stars: A great book with a handful of minor flaws, highly recommended

3.5 stars: A good book with a number of flaws, recommended

3 stars: An above-average book with a few glaring issues, recommended in most cases

2.5 stars: An average book, while there are glaring issues, the positives balance it out

2 stars: An okay book, the flaws outweighed the positives, but some may still enjoy the book

1.5 stars: Major, glaring flaws, I had trouble finishing the book, I don’t recommend

1 star: I struggled to finish the book, I would advise against reading this book

My rules

  1. I always finish the book — I don’t post reviews to books I DNF

  2. If I don’t think I can give an objective review, I won’t review the book

  3. Just because I give a low-star rating, doesn’t mean someone won’t enjoy the book

My reviews

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